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East Coast Info

East Coast

The newly discovered surfing territory of El Salvador, offers epic waves with almost any local in the water; enjoy the nature and get away from civilization, admire beautiful scenery landscapes and of course get incredible wavesĄ. Stay at one of the nicest hotels at Las Flores beach, with a mind blowing view. Our own Miraflores hotel is great for small groups. (maximum capacity of 11 guests). Las Flores is a long right point break with sand bottom and good barrel sections take a boat trip along the coast and discover more point breaks like the tubular Punta Mango. There are many spots waiting for you, let us show you. COME SURF WITH US!!!

The Waves.

Las Flores.
This is a beautiful sand bottom point break full of palm trees in the background. The wave starts breaking next to a rock in a fast hollow section and keeps breaking for a couple of hundred yards for more speed more barreling sections on the way to the shore. It’s a fun high performance wave for medium to experienced surfers. The tides play an important factor on these wave, breaking more hollow on low tide, expect some currents at low tide.

Punta Mango.
This is a cobble stone right point break, surrounded by beautiful mountains located in one of El Salvador's more remote areas. Punta Mango breaks with a nice tube in most of its sections. This is a paradise for those who like to get barreled; there is not a single local at this spot. This is the east coast version of the perfect wave.

La Ventana.
A nice beach break for smaller days, pure fun in 2 to 5 feet swells range. At La Ventana beach the mountains meets the ocean in the shape if a window making this beach a nice spot surf away from the crowds.

La Vaca.
A Fast and hollow wave, it offers a shorter ride than Las Flores. Starts breaking next to the rocks over sand bottom, breaking into a small rocky bay, specially good for 2 to 5 feet swell.

El Torro
Fast hollow point break with sand bottom, it  has 2 main sections,  the outside section breaking next to a huge volcanic rock and in front of an impressive volcanic cliff. The inside section breaks towards a nice sandy beach for about 100 yards, its really hard to connect both sections. it needs at least 3 to 4 feet swell to start breaking. This break is for experienced surfers.

El Bongo
This is a right hand point break breaking over the sand, breaking with 6ft + south west swell, its a bit mushier and slower than the surrounding waves at the east coast.

El Cuco and Miraflores beach breaks
Slow and mushy beach breaks, going left and right, great for beginners, good for surfing in a fish, fun board or long board. Specially good on high tide with 4ft + swell.

There are more right point breaks for you to discover in the east coast, come along and see them for yourself.